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Please review the Reciprocity tab in the Visitors section to first see if you are eligible to stay at SIYC as a transient.  Being the Friendliest Yacht Club on the Bay, we love visitors from other yacht clubs with whom we have reciprocal agreements.

Authorized visitors can submit your dockage request electronically by filling out the form located here SIYC Transient Form and emailing it to  

Below are some things to consider in your planning and after you arrive.

We have a good Marina Schematics available in the Visitors section to help you arrive safely.
From Pier Rules & Regulations
Revised February 2020
  7.  Transients must be affiliated with a Yacht Club which accepts transient visits from SIYC boats, or has been extended Club privileges by the Commodore or Board. Available slips or pier space may be rented to them at a rate of $1.75 per foot per day, to include water, plus a charge of $8 per day per 30-amp electrical connection or $15 per day per 50-amp connection. The Pier Chairman is authorized to give a discount of 20 to 40% for extended stay transients (one week to one month respectively). For stays of more than one month, a special rate is available.Please contact the Pier Chairman or Fleet Captain for details and pricing. Each transient captain is required to fill out a "Transient Log and Payment Record," available in the Captain's Lounge. Each transient captain is entitled to two (2) drinks at no additional charge. U.S. Government vessels will be accommodated at no charge when space is available.

  8. Transients affiliated with a Yacht Club or those who
have been extended Club privileges by the Commodore
or Board may tie their boats at the SIYC pier for a short
time (not to exceed four hours) only if adequate personnel
remain on the premises in case their boat must be moved.

  9. Dockside connections (electrical pigtails and water
hoses) and adequate mooring lines will be provided by
users. Lines will not extend across the pier or finger piers.
Electrical lines must be of proper marine standard and
correct polarity. Dockside storage boxes are not allowed.
If a power cord is left at the slip when the boat will be gone
for any period of time, it must be disconnected from the
electrical outlet.

  10. Water for cooling boat air conditioners will not be
drawn from the pier water spigots.

  11. Open fires for cooking are not permitted on the pier
or aboard boats secured to the pier. 

  14. All transients and annual lessees must have minimum
liability insurance coverage of at least $300K.  Lessees
should provide a certificate of insurance with their annual
payment.  Transients will be asked to certify on the rental
agreement that they have the required insurance and should
be prepared to provide proof on request.

From Club Rules
Revised January 2019

  1. DRESS: Members and their guests are required to
wear shoes and shirts in the Clubhouse.

  2. PETS: No pets are allowed in the Clubhouse or in
bathhouse facilities.

    a) No alcoholic beverages of any kind are
permitted to be brought onto Club premises,
including the patio and lawn. This restriction
applies to all Club functions.
    b) Any beverages consumed on Club property,
alcoholic or nonalcoholic, must be purchased at
or through the Club bar.
    c) Individuals from transient vessels renting
pier slips, including those of other yacht clubs,
are not allowed to provide their own beverages
when picnicking on Club premises.
    d) Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the parking lot area.
    e) Wine corkage as authorized by the Board of

  4. SMOKING: There will be no smoking in the
Clubhouse or bathhouse or where prohibited by
law. Smoking is permitted on the patio area under
the waterside deck when open.



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