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Solomons Island Yacht Club Princess for 2020.

   Sophia_Nagers_738853329.jpg                   Sara_Hutchins_1378386038.jpg
       Sophia Nagers Sara Hutchins

Sophia Marie Clare Nagers is

five years old and is a big sister

to two-year old, Carter Alice

Cash Nagers. Her parents, Marie

Clare Stanton and Tyler Edward

Nagers, granddaughter of Commodore Michael Stanton, and great-grand daughter of P/C Earl Stanton and Kathleen Stanton. Sophia loves school, the outdoors, animals,

music, art, dance (ballet and tap), and reading. She excels in school earning ‘outstanding marks’ and was the youngest to receive the award “Most likely to be President”.

Sara Gayle Hutchins is the daughter of Anissa Hutchins-Stanton, and Step Daughter of Commodore Michael Stanton.  She graduated from Patuxent High School and earned licenses as a CNA, GNA and CCMA.   She is currently attending Old Dominion University, majoring in Finance with a minor in Accounting, and plans to attend graduate school. Sara’s goal is to work in the stock market industry. Sara is very active in pursuing internship opportunities in Finance, actively participates in helping others in community service, caroling, music, and visiting Virginia Beach



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